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Georgia Tech invites female freshmen and sophomores to explore the possibilities of engineering!

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Welcome to Peachtree Ridge High School – Home of the Lions!
It is my sincere honor to welcome you and I invite you to get to know Peachtree Ridge better. As you become familiar with these pages and images, you will see our Lion culture in action. It is a strong community of students, teachers, and stakeholders that excel in academics, fine arts, and athletics. Through your visit to our site, I hope that you will acquire a robust sense of our school’s culture and what it means to cultivate the Standard of Excellence.
We have tremendous teachers and exceptional students at Peachtree Ridge and, as a learning community, we firmly believe it is our responsibility to set high expectations for all of our students to ensure they will be prepared for their future. We call for ownership and the building of leadership capacity throughout the Ridge and great schools happen when everyone in the school and community takes this responsibility to heart. At Peachtree Ridge, we all share in the responsibility to push our students to be highly literate, innovative problem solvers that can use what they have learned to improve the world in which we live.
In order to sustain the Standard of Excellence we have built together, we cannot make excuses or maintain the status quo. We must embrace each school year with the passion and energy it requires to create graduates prepared to meet and overcome the challenges they will face.
After you have perused our site, I encourage you to visit us and see for yourself our strong sense of culture and our inviting, welcoming community. Through our students and dedicated faculty, we strive to meet the expectations that set the Standard of Excellence. We accept, challenge, and inspire all students entrusted to our care.
I appreciate your interest in Peachtree Ridge and look forward to meeting you soon.  Go Lions!

Peachtree Ridge HS at a Glance

  • 28% PRHS population served in Gifted Program
  • 2,100 AP exams taken each year
  • 80 Clubs
  • 80+% AP students earned 3 or better in 2016
  • 16 State Championships