Absence Without Leave

Students who leave campus without checking out, arrive late to campus without checking in, or who are absent from school without their parent’s permission will be considered AWOL. Students who skip a portion of a class, a full class, or several classes are considered AWOL. Once a student arrives on campus, the student is considered to be at school and must obtain permission in order to leave campus by checking out in the attendance office, even if classes have not yet begun. If the student has purchased a parking decal and the student’s car is used in violation of any attendance policy, the student’s parking permit may be revoked temporarily or permanently by an administrator. Students out of class without a pass from their teacher may be considered AWOL. Students are expected to be in the commons area during their lunch period. Students who fail to go to the commons area or who leave the commons area are considered AWOL. Students who have not reported to the tardy window within ten minutes of the beginning of class will be considered AWOL.

So that we can better support student attendance in all classes, we have updated AWOL consequences that will include loss of parking privileges, if applicable.

Procedure: – When a student is AWOL, the following steps will be taken:

1st AWOL – 2 days Adm. Det and loss of parking pass for 2 weeks

2nd AWOL – 1 day of ISS and loss of parking pass for 4 weeks

3rd AWOL – 2 days ISS and loss of parking pass for the semester


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