Discipline Procedures

Tardy  Consequences

1st – 3rd Tardy:    Warning
4th Tardy:             1 hr. Administrative Detention
6th Tardy:             2 hrs. Administrative Detention and Suspension of Parking for 2 weeks
8th Tardy:             4 hrs. Saturday School and Suspension of Parking for the semester
10th Tardy:           Discipline Referral to Alpha Offices:  4 hrs. Saturday School + 2 hrs. Adm. Det.         12th Tardy:           1 day OSS
18+ Tardy:           Consequences determined by AP


AWOL Consequences

1st AWOL: 2 days Administrative Detention or 1 day Saturday School and loss of Parking Pass for 2 weeks
2nd AWOL: 1 day ISS or 2 days Saturday School and loss of Parking Pass for Semester
3rd AWOL:  2 days ISS
4th AWOL:  Consequences determined by AP

Administrative Detention

Location:  B-101 Computer Lab on Monday – Thursday at 2:30 p.m.– 4:30 p.m.

Group Email: PRHS Detention


Saturday School

Location:  Media Center 8:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.

Students who miss Saturday School will receive another referral for 8C with a consequence of ISS. The ISS day completes both consequences.

Group Email: PRHS Saturday School



9th:  Best/Rowe/Zareie   


A – CL:  McAuliffe/Johnson, N.

Cm-Harr:  Wyant/Youngblood 

Hars – Lee:  Augmon/Wilson

Lef – O: Augmon/Morris

P-SL:  Stinson/Glisson

Sm-Z:  Lesniak/Pak, J.

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