School of Excellence

Peachtree Ridge
2009 Georgia School of Excellence
Peachtree Ridge High was named a Georgia Schools of Excellence. We earned the title for making the greatest continuous gains in student achievement for the past three years in reading and mathematics.

Former Peachtree Ridge High principal, Kevin Tashlein, recognized the efforts of the school’s community.  “As a relatively young school, this recognition is tangible evidence that we are making progress toward our vision of preparing students for success in a dynamic global environment,” he said.  In all, 27 schools throughout the state earned the title for either making the greatest gains in student achievement or being in the top 10 percent of Georgia schools as measured by assessments in reading and mathematics. Typically, one school from each congressional district is honored in each category, but in some districts, two schools tied for the honor. In our case, we share this honor with Osborne Middle School.

At Peachtree Ridge High, Tashlein said a factor in the school’s success is an improvement plan embraced by the community. “We believe that our students’ academic successes can be directly linked to our schoolwide focus on engaging bell-to-bell instruction, helping all teachers and leaders plan for improved student learning, and developing effective safety nets for all Peachtree Ridge High School students,” he said. “We have a very supportive community and will continue to work on strengthening our K-12 perspective throughout the Peachtree Ridge cluster schools.