The End Zone

What is the End Zone?  The End Zone is located in the Media center and is a place to study, use computers for school work, and meet groups for school projects.  The End Zone maintains an academic focus and is where we maintain the academic standard of excellence at Peachtree Ridge High School.  
End Zone Hours:  The End zone is open Mondays through Thursdays from 2:30-4:30pm.   When there is no school on Friday, the End zone will not be open on Thursday.  
End Zone supervision:  While there is a certified teacher in the End Zone each day after school Monday through Thursday, the students run and operate the End Zone.  
Head Tutors:  Students complete an application, references, and are interviewed by Ms. Fero in the community school.  Students are selected based on their level of responsibility, desire to improve the school and ability to help others achieve at a higher level.  There are at least three Head Tutors in the End Zone each afternoon.  Head Tutors assist with check-in and -out of the End Zone, scheduling tutors, and tutoring.   
Free Tutoring in the End Zone:  Tutoring is provided by trained student members of academic honor societies and organizations in the Peachtree Ridge Media Center. 
Please check the dates and times your student is available to meet their tutor in the PRHS End Zone.  Please call 678-512-6089 Monday through Thursday from 2:30pm-4:30pm if you have questions regarding the PRHS End Zone or tutoring.

*Tutors may be requested within the three-day window, however availability may be limited.

**Tutors may be requested in the End Zone at the circulation desk
Would you like to become a tutor?  Please let us know here.
Would you like to request a tutor?  Check out these easy steps to request a tutor.